How To Unlock Your Steering Wheel Properly


Starting your Webster City commute with a locked steering wheel can be frustrating, but, luckily, it isn't a sign of a larger issue. If your key doesn't turn in the ignition, use these tips to learn how to unlock a steering wheel and get back on the road in no time!

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking Your Steering Wheel

If your car won't start due to a locked steering wheel, there is an easy fix. Here's how to unlock a steering wheel:

  1. Start by pulling the wheel down in the same direction you did when the wheel was initially locked. Not sure which direction to pull? Try both: You'll know you have the right direction when the wheel moves a bit.
  2. While holding your steering wheel in the correct direction, insert your key into the ignition, and start the engine.
  3. If the engine doesn't start, turn the wheel in the opposite direction, and repeat the above step.
  4. Your steering wheel should now be unlocked! Time to hit the road.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Unlocking a Steering Wheel

While unlocking your steering wheel is easy, the initial frustration of the situation may cause accidental damage. Keep these tips in mind for a successful experience:

  • Avoid Using Brute Force: You may be upset that your steering wheel is locked, but you can't use brute force to unlock it. Turning the wheel too hard may damage parts of the steering mechanism, so use reasonable pressure when following the steps above.
  • Try a Different Key: Sometimes, the problem is not the wheel, but the key itself. If you can't turn the key, it may be worn and no longer able to engage the car's tumblers. Should this be the case, the team at Karl Chevrolet Webster City can make you a new one.

How to Lock Your Steering Wheel Intentionally

There may be times when you want to lock your steering wheel, especially if you're in an unfamiliar area outside of town. Locking your steering wheel makes it harder for an unwanted driver to take your car and helps provide an extra level of security. Here's how to lock your steering wheel intentionally:

  1. Turn off your car, and take the keys out of the ignition.
  2. Turn the steering wheel one way or the other until you hear a click.
  3. Your steering wheel will remain locked until you return and unlock it.

Get Professional Auto Service at Karl Chevrolet Webster City

If you're still having trouble trying to unlock your steering wheel, the Karl Chevrolet Webster City service team is here to help! Our certified technicians can inspect your vehicle to determine the issue and provide quick, reliable service to get you back on the road in Webster City. Plus, our current service specials will make your next visit even more affordable. Use our service tips and tricks to keep your vehicle running smoothly, and contact us with any questions!